Science curriculum at Preschool…absolutely!

To a young child, every day can be a discovery of something new.  Preschoolers love to  explore the world around them.  Simple science activities help young children enhance this natural curiosity. 

Science exploration in the classroom provides young children the opportunity to

The fascination of science

The fascination of science

  • Build self-confidence
  • Engage in “hands on” experiences
  • Increase observation skills
  • Receive opportunities to use tools, equipment and familiar materials
  • Problem solve
  • Develop sensory, physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and social attributes
  • Develop language through increased vocabulary as they ask and answer questions
  • Just have fun
Check out the soap cloud in Mrs. Ricardi's hand

Check out the soap cloud in Mrs. Ricardi’s hand

Science activities are incorporated into many of the learning themes throughout our preschool program.  A small sampling includes mixing colors, making slime, learning the difference between salt and fresh water and its effect on floating, erupting volcanoes and discovering the wonder of dry ice.

The Frogs and Owls have recently been spending some time in senses and science discovery.  Questions lead to activities that encourage children to explore, discover, and draw conclusions.

  • Can you paint with Jello?
  • What can you make from water, borax and glue?

    Mrs. Monier's Owls and their soap cloud

    Mrs. Monier’s Owls and their soap cloud

  • What happens to paint when you freeze it?
  • Will soap float or sink?  What happens when you put it in the microwave?
  • Add water to cornstarch… Does it stay a solid or turn into a liquid?

Our science discovery allowed the children to SEE, FEEL and SMELL results during many of their activities.

Our soap experiment yielded excitement, anticipation and a little nervous energy as they watched the simple bar of soap transform into a big fluffy cloud in the microwave.

During science discovery, “Professor” Van Wormer visited the classroom to help them discover liquids, solids and gas.  They also learned the most important part of science experiments…safety first!

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Professor VanWormer visits the Frog Room

Professor VanWormer visits the Frog Room

Dry Ice bubble

Dry Ice bubble

Dry ice discovery in the Star Room

Dry ice discovery in the Star Room

Is it cold?  Fun in the Owl Room.

Is it hot or cold?
Fun in the Owl Room.

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