First day of school

to fast friends, all in one day

fast friends, all in one day

First day with our youngest class..from apprehension to

First day with our young Star class.            From apprehension to

The first day of preschool brings a good deal of excitement, but also a little trepidation.  For little ones who are entering a school setting for the first time, this day can be a little intimidating.  Even returning students need time to get back into the routine of school.  Some children may be sad to leave an old school and friends, but through loving guidance they learn the joy of embracing a new experience and IMG_20140812_113124 forming additional new friendships. Already on the first day, we watched the children forming special bonds with their teachers and new friends, and these friendships will only continue to grow. It is encouraging to see how warmly young children reach out to each other.

Today, we enjoyed another first day at St. Paul’s United Methodist Preschool.   After a few tears (mostly from moms) and lots of hugs (for both children and moms), we began the first step towards a wonderful learning adventure.  All of us at St. Paul’s understand parents feelings about leaving their little ones, as we are all moms and have lived through this ourselves.  We come to each school year ready to provide lots of hugs, love and understanding, and provide tons of fun and wonderful learning experiences.

So to all our wonderful parents out there.  Thank you for sharing your precious children with us.  We will do our absolute best to provide all they need while they are in our care.


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