How will our garden grow?

IMG_1105We are blessed to be able to share the joy of gardening with our preschoolers, thanks to the lovely garden that was built by one of our dads, Mike Van Fleet.  In addition to providing the children with a wonderful sensory experience, gardening offers another hands-on opportunity to explore science, math, language and visual arts.

In addition to playing (planting) in the dirt, the children learn patience as they wait for their vegetables to grow, responsibility as they see how necessary their care is to the garden and IMG_1103teamwork as they learn to share the garden with their classmates.  Gardening helps our little ones learn where food comes from and are fascinated in seeing the vegetables pulled from the ground.  Young children are usually willing to eat the veggies because they helped to grow them.

We would like to give special thanks to the Denton, Schmitz, Wicke, Kaufman, Paugh, Bissmeyer, Haggerty, Burt, Fletcher and Van Fleet families for their generous donations to our garden.  We would also like to thank our gardener extraordinaire, Mrs. Hendrickson, who is helping to ensure that our garden will indeed grow!

Excited to see our peas sprouting after only one week!

Excited to see our peas sprouting after only one week!

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