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Should we teach our children to share?

website38cornRecently I read an article about whether we should teach children to share.  This had me ponder the value in teaching this vital, yet sometimes difficult, social skill to our preschoolers.  In a preschool environment, every day the teachers share their attention, experience and love, in addition to their classroom toys and materials with each and every child, and hopefully impart upon them the joy they will find if they pass this gift of kindness on to others.

website34Learning to share in a preschool environment is so much more than simply encouraging a child to share a specific toy and is never about forcing a child to give up a favorite item.  As we encourage the children to share classroom materials with other children, they also learn the value of cooperation.  The expectation to share everything in the classroom allows a child the opportunity to figure out how to play collaboratively with another child.        Sometimes it may be taking turns, but many times, the children discover a way to play together.  This encourages creative thinking and also provides the child the opportunity to expand the very necessary social skill of playing and interacting with others, which will help them to be a well-adjusted person in the world.

Sharing in preschool is not just about giving up a special toy.  Sometimes they need to share a Crayonkids8teacher or a friend’s time with another person, or share and pass markers, glue or even snack during craft or snack time.  These opportunities reinforce simple courtesy toward others.  We watch as children, on their own, notice another child who may be in the need of something and offer to help their friend.

At St. Paul’s Preschool we also strive to show the children the joy that is received when we share our time and resources with others.  The children are so excited to collect food for our Free choicechurch pantry, to create and give away beautiful centerpieces for church activities, and create and deliver valentines to special individuals around our church community.  Our children show appreciation for others who share their time and talents by preparing special thank you letters for parents and special people who come to school.

So yes, because the benefits are so far outreaching, we will continue to teach our preschoolers the joy that comes from sharing.

Celebrating Mrs. Hoffsmith 20th year teaching at St. Paul’s

Mutual love

Mutual love

Mrs. Hoffsmith has been teaching at St. Paul’s..
This is her 2oth year.
Her extraordinary worth and value
have been made so abundantly clear.

St. Paul’s is so blessed to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Liane Hoffsmith, lead teacher of the Crayon Kids.  Words alone cannot describe the value of this special person.  However, an excerpt from a letter sent by a parent does it well.  “What can be said about Mrs. Hoffsmith?  It could be said that she is quiet, soft spoken and gentle.  It could be said that she is gracious, slow to anger and filled with goodness.

Handprint quilt from the Crayon Kids

Handprint quilt from the Crayon Kids

It could also be said that she is a magnet for 3 and 4 year olds.  But none of these statements do her justice.  The legacy of a teacher is something that is difficult to measure.  The greater learning isn’t reflected in just academic achievement. It is shown by a child’s confidence and their ability to work well with other children. A child’s belief that the word is a genuinely good place is a tribute to the way all children are warmly received into Mrs. Hoffsmith’s classroom and into her life.


Simply stated, Mrs. Hoffsmith shows both children and parents what it means to love and be loved in everything she does.  Thank you, Mrs. Hoffsmith for loving all the children you’ve taught for the last 20 years.  Crayonkids12You are a gift to treasure.”


Saying goodbye

Last day of school

Last day of school

Yesterday was our last day of preschool for this school year.  We watched the little ones perform some lovely songs for their families and finished the program with our annual procession of classes.  We ended our day with a fun Eegees party and lots of laughter. 

It is always hard to say goodbye.  Especially to the little ones who will going off to kindergarten.  We know that we have given them our best and that they are ready to join the world of big kids as they continue their learning adventure, but we will miss their special hugs. 

Th Owls

The Owls

The last day of school is always filled with a lot of excitement, love, hugs and a few tears. Mrs. Monier, our Owl teacher, reflected on how it feels to say goodbye to her future kindergarteners.  “Finished my last day of preschool – As I opened my classroom door at the end of the day and released my little “OWLS”, I watched them fly away in all different directions. It dawned on me that it wasn’t so much about what I’d taught them, but all the things they taught me: How to laugh, tolerance, pure joy, curiosity and unconditional love, just to name a few. So, to my little people, my best wishes will follow you to kindergarten, along with a piece of my heart! Love you all!”

Thank you to all the parents for your kind thoughts, lovely gifts and for all your support throughout the year. Have a great summer, and remember to stop by for a visit next year!  And to our little ones returning next year…..it is not goodbye, but see you soon!

Special friends saying goodbye

Special friends saying goodbye


Diversity in the preschool classroom

Mrs. Monier's students share their All About Me poster with her classmates

Sharing her All About Me poster with classmates

Young children are so eager to share in each new experience and so willing to accept the wonderful differences in our world.  Children are excited to learn about how we are all the same in many ways, but how each person is also unique and special.

Preschool children begin to notice differences among people…some are short and others are tall, some have blue eyes and others brown..they notice skin color, eye shapes and hair color.  Diversity also encompasses children’s individual interests and capabilities, cultural differences, age and gender difference and language differences.

As children are discovering these differences, it is important to embrace the diversity in the classroom setting as it helps the children feel content in who they are and helps them feel valued.


Comparing fingerprints

Comparing fingerprints

A young child who learns to embrace diversity will embrace this concept as an aspect of life that they value. Preschoolers love to learn songs and dances from other cultures and sing and count in different languages. They enjoy activities that help them think about and discuss the concept of fairness, as this is a familiar issue for young children.  It is especially rewarding for children to learn about the culture and language of one of their classmates and their families.


St. Paul’s United Methodist Preschool is proud to be a place where all children are celebrated and valued.




Celebrating Lei Day

Celebrating Lei Day

Working together

Working together





Spring break – Enjoy, relax and read a book!

We hope all of our preschool families will enjoy spring break next week.  It is a perfect time to enjoy the wonderful outdoor weather of Tucson and relax and share a great book or two with your preschooler.

A wonderful activity to share with your children this weekend is the Tucson Festival of Books, where Words and Imagination come to life. And you never know, you may run into one of your favorite teachers!

See you all again on Tuesday, March 25 (24th for Soaring).


Sharing a book with a friend

What makes a great preschool teacher?

CrayonKids10Through the years, you hope your children will have many wonderful teachers.  That special person who takes the extra time to get to know your child, the one who spends extra time helping them to understand a difficult concept, the one who makes them laugh and brings new life into their curriculum.  If your child is lucky, they will have many such teachers throughout their school years, and their first school experience will be a positive one.

Our children at St. Paul’s Preschool are blessed to begin their learning adventure by discovering and learning with amazing Owl10teachers.  What makes a great preschool teacher? Obviously, a teacher who knows her craft and is always learning and growing to be able to provide the most stimulating learning environment possible.  How fortunate I am to work with a group of teachers who are relevant and exciting educators, but also women who show their love, dedication and teamwork every day!  They continually support each other to provide a wonderful learning experience. The ability to teach can be taught and is very important, however, the love for these children and for the wonderful world of preschool must be a gift that is in their heart.

I want to take the time to say thank you for all you do to make my life and the lives of these precious little ones so much better.  Thank you…..Mrs. Ricardi, Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. Monier, Mrs. Hicks, Mrs. Hoffman, Mrs. Weber, Mrs. Thompson and Mrs. Stair.  You are all the best!!!! Mrs. Van Wormer

Science curriculum at Preschool…absolutely!

To a young child, every day can be a discovery of something new.  Preschoolers love to  explore the world around them.  Simple science activities help young children enhance this natural curiosity. 

Science exploration in the classroom provides young children the opportunity to

The fascination of science

The fascination of science

  • Build self-confidence
  • Engage in “hands on” experiences
  • Increase observation skills
  • Receive opportunities to use tools, equipment and familiar materials
  • Problem solve
  • Develop sensory, physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and social attributes
  • Develop language through increased vocabulary as they ask and answer questions
  • Just have fun
Check out the soap cloud in Mrs. Ricardi's hand

Check out the soap cloud in Mrs. Ricardi’s hand

Science activities are incorporated into many of the learning themes throughout our preschool program.  A small sampling includes mixing colors, making slime, learning the difference between salt and fresh water and its effect on floating, erupting volcanoes and discovering the wonder of dry ice.

The Frogs and Owls have recently been spending some time in senses and science discovery.  Questions lead to activities that encourage children to explore, discover, and draw conclusions.

  • Can you paint with Jello?
  • What can you make from water, borax and glue?

    Mrs. Monier's Owls and their soap cloud

    Mrs. Monier’s Owls and their soap cloud

  • What happens to paint when you freeze it?
  • Will soap float or sink?  What happens when you put it in the microwave?
  • Add water to cornstarch… Does it stay a solid or turn into a liquid?

Our science discovery allowed the children to SEE, FEEL and SMELL results during many of their activities.

Our soap experiment yielded excitement, anticipation and a little nervous energy as they watched the simple bar of soap transform into a big fluffy cloud in the microwave.

During science discovery, “Professor” Van Wormer visited the classroom to help them discover liquids, solids and gas.  They also learned the most important part of science experiments…safety first!

Visit our Facebook page to see more science fun pictures.

Professor VanWormer visits the Frog Room

Professor VanWormer visits the Frog Room

Dry Ice bubble

Dry Ice bubble

Dry ice discovery in the Star Room

Dry ice discovery in the Star Room

Is it cold?  Fun in the Owl Room.

Is it hot or cold?
Fun in the Owl Room.

What happens in February? Why registration, of course!

February in Tucson is such a wonderful time of year.   The weather is beautiful and there are so many fun and interesting days to enjoy.

What happens in February? – Registration for St. Paul’s Preschool’s 2014/15 school year.

Mark your calendar so you don’t miss out on the following!

  • February 11, 2014 –  Registration begins for current families.
  • February 18, 2014 –  Registration begins for new families. 

Call today, 260-1350, to schedule a tour.  Spaces fill quickly, so don’t delay!

IMGP2810What else happens in February?  Did you know that …..

February 1st begins with National Freedom Day – A day to remind us all of what our country stands for and to celebrate the freedoms we enjoy.

February 2nd brings the always anticipated Punxsutawney Phil – Although those of us in Tucson may not be too worried about when Spring will arrive.

February 7th is Send a Card to a Friend Day, and the opening ceremony for the Winter Olympics.  Go USA!

February 14th is a day to ride high in the sky as you celebrate Ferris Wheel Day, and of course, Valentines Day.


February 17th is Random Acts of Kindness Day

The Star Class - Sharing love and kindness

The Star Class – Sharing love and kindness

Our goal is to help our little ones practice kindness on a daily basis.

February 20th is the Rodeo Break for Preschool – Head out to the Rodeo for Arizona’s Celebration of the Cowboy.