We are thankful…

12095137_10208144451428193_7368142622316015972_oSt. Paul’s Preschool would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Tomorrow the children will share a special meal together that they have prepared, and we will be off for Thanksgiving Day.

We are so thankful for these wonderful kiddos who spread so much joy each and every day, and to all the parents who trust us with their precious children.

We are thankful for Miss Merideth for her caring and thoughtful Chapel Times; We are thankful for the Stars who shared love and song with Mr. Sam and his Gang’s excercise class; We are thankful for the families who are adding to our food pantry to share with others this holiday season; We are thankful to those families who generously support our scholarship fund; We are thankful for Mr. John and Mr. David who clean our rooms; We are thankful for Miss Jenny, who is our number one volunteer and wonderful council chairperson; We are thankful for Pastor Tony who is always available with a friendly smile……

We are so thankful for our wonderful teachers who give so much of themselves each and every day, not out of duty to a job, but because they are truly called to teach and love these little ones. 

Happy Thanksgiving

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