Chapel Time

Once a month, Mrs. Meredith Joubert, the Director of Children’s Ministry at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church, comes to the preschool to have chapel time. 

Students learning to play rhythm sticks during Chapel Time.

During Chapel Time each month we love listening to Mrs. Meredith share about Jesus’ Love for us, and singing together.

Science: Investigate, Explore, Wonder

Firemen and Colossal Cave visits this week

We had a very exciting week with the Tucson Fire Department visiting on Tuesday morning and Colossal Cave visiting on Wednesday morning.

The fire department talked with the students about calling 911, no hiding from firemen if they need help, and finding a safe place with your family if there is a fire at home.

The students were able to see Fireman Robbie in his bunker gear and walk through the firetruck to see where the firemen sit. It was so fun!

On Wednesday morning, Mrs. Lauren from Colossal Cave come to talk with the students about bugs, bats and cave formations. The kids were enthralled with Mrs. Lauren’s stories and decided that centipedes and scorpions aren’t so yucky after all :). Mrs. Lauren brought lots of specimens for the students to look at and touch after her presentation and they really enjoyed seeing things up close!

Nutritional Breakfast

On October 5, we had our school wide Nutritional Breakfast. Each classroom was a station and the classes rotated to each station. The Suns classroom was all about bananas and the students got to help slice bananas. In the Crayons classroom, we learned about wheat, we saw wheat seeds and stalks and mixed pancakes. The Owls room taught us about oranges and we got to use a juicer to squeeze the juice from oranges. The Frog room taught us about eggs and each student got to crack an egg into the bowl and help whisk the eggs.

The entire school got together to enjoy the nutritional breakfast (cooked by our lovely assistants and parent volunteers) of bananas, pancakes, eggs and orange juice.

It was such a fun day right before fall break!


We’ve been busy!

The last two weeks at St. Paul’s Preschool have been full of fun and learning! We had Officer Nicks from the Tucson Police Department visit us last week. He told us what it is like to be a police officer, about the tools he uses every day and we even got to look into his police car!

The Owl class played on light boxes and the Crayons and Suns had “white day” and they managed to stay mostly clean :).

Tomorrow we have our Nutritional Breakfast at school and we are so excited to have the students share in making breakfast foods for everyone!

Next week is fall break so there is no Soaring class on Monday and no school Tuesday- Thursday. Enjoy your break and we look forward to hearing about the fun everyone has when we return!

We are nominated for…

The First Annual Gold Daisy Preschool Award. We are in the top 11 finalists!!

Thank you so very much to those who nominated us and have already voted. Please vote for St. Paul’s United Methodist Preschool and share the link with family and friends who love you and your children.


Thank you all so much for your support!

Katie Whiteside and the St. Paul’s Preschool Staff

Special Visitor – Mr. Bill

We had a special visitor from the library come see us today, Mr. Bill was here to read stories. He read a story about a dog who didn’t bark correctly and chicken’s who laid beautiful eggs. Ask your kiddos if they can tell you more :).

Today was also purple day for the 3’s it was so fun to see the kids all dressed in purple :).

Yesterday, the Owl’s had red day which was a lot of fun as well.

We have a special visit from the Tucson police department next Thursday morning, we are excited to learn about safety and see a police car!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Picture Day is tomorrow!

We are excited to welcome back Snaptive photo+effects for our fall pictures tomorrow. We will take individual and class pictures, please dress your child however you would like to see them photographed, bearing in mind that they will return to their normal classroom routines after pictures :). 

Please contact the office if you have any questions.


Fun with Three’s and Four’s

We have had a wonderful week at St. Paul’s this week!  So many fun things with blue day in the 3’s classrooms, baking muffins made for such a yummy snack!!

The four’s combines forces and visited the A-Frame for a fun story about an elephant named Elmer.

We have Parent Night coming up NEXT WEEK !! ( How is it already September??) Parent night is at 6pm next Wednesday, September 6. Child care is provided, please return your reservations by next Tuesday. We look forward to seeing everyone and sharing more about your child’s day at St. Paul’s Preschool.

Have a safe and fun Labor Day weekend and we will see all our friends back next Tuesday!

August 31 2017.jpg

First Week Success!

We have had a fantastic first week at St. Paul’s Preschool! All the students seem to be adjusting well and the classes are already very busy learning new things.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Katie Whiteside