Whiz Kids

We are excited to once again offer our very popular Pre-K program, Whiz Kids,  for the upcoming school year.  Registration for the first session will take place at Meet the Teacher night.  Should you wish to get your child on the list for the first 7 week session, contact the Director today to add your name to the list.  The class is limited to 14 children.

What is Whiz Kids?

IMAG0708Put the IPad down and get unplugged!  

Through the Whiz Kids Enrichment Program, children will have the opportunity to discover their ever changing and growing world.  Through movement, games and teacher engaged activities, participants will take a creative and fun approach to increase their math and science awareness.  

IMAG0720The goal is to hear the kiddos say,

“WOW!  I didn’t know math and science was so much fun!”

Due to the extreme popularity of this program, we will offer four 7 week sessions for the 2016/17 school year.   For children to receive the full benefit of this program, they should have turned four years old.  Once your three year old is four, they will be eligible to participate.  Space is limited.  The first session will begin August 31, 2016.  Sign up for Session 1 today, or on Meet Your Teacher Night.   There is an additional fee for the program.


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