Colorful, wonderful world of preschool

We have had so much fun these past several weeks.  The time is flying by.  The Suns and Crayon Kids continue to enjoy color weeks with red erupting volcanoes, yellow cornmeal play and green science fun.  It has also been fun to eat foods that are the color of the week. Our pre-k bunch was full of spots during Dot Day, and continue to enjoy dress up, building, science, painting and creating, while also working hard in their learning centers.  Big and littles both experimented with blending colors and Wednesdays Whiz Kids used the sun to cook some yummy s’mores, and discovered what will roll down our ramps.

We are learning the pledge and how to take care of our earth.  The kiddos have enjoyed sharing about their families and pets as well. We had our first Chapel Time with Miss Meredith and learned about the Golden Rule.  The kiddos love visiting Mr. Sam’s exercise class and running laps on Wednesdays.  Fall planting has also begun as we planted spinach, carrots, beans, basil and our first ever attempt at growing a blueberry plant.  Let’s hope for success.

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