Parents make a great preschool even better.

2014-02-19 14.28.37 20140306_113335 20140311_095451 20140311_105833 First, you start with an amazing preschool with committed, loving teachers.  Then you add a sprinkle of generous, energized parents, and you have a recipe for the best preschool around.  Every day, we are blessed to share the talents and gifts of our parents with the preschool children.  Besides just offering the children another adult to help them learn and grow and experience new ideas and adventures, the children are so very proud to share their mom or dad with the class.  So here’s a BIG THANK YOU to all the wonderful parents who share their time with our children.

We value all our parents!

  • We honor the service of Mr. Matty, Mr. Wilson and Mr. Quick who provided such intrigue and excitement over the years as the the children learn about planes and flight
  • Dads who can build things…..Mr. Hicks who built ramps for the children in the Star room as they discovered “things that roll”, the Tapperos who helped the children build their own picnic table and the Van Fleets, who built our wonderful planter box for our garden
  • Moms who have been very valuable substitutes….Mrs. Yenzer, Mrs. Kaufman and Mrs. Burt
  • Moms who use their special artistic gift to make shirts for the children…Mrs. Cotter
  • Moms and Dads who help to refurbish our sand…The Fletchers, Mr. Cotter, Mr. Kaufman, Mr. Schmitz
  • Dads who help others every day and share the love of this job with our children…Fireman Weber
  • Dads who have a really cool hobby like Mr. Fryer who showed the children how to rope a steer, or a cool job where he gets to play with rocks…Mr. Brown
  • IMG_0392Moms and dads who teach our children the value of exercise…..Mrs. Twito, teaching hula dancing, Mrs. Matty teaching Zumba and the Helms teaching the children how to keep moving
  • Moms who use their special talent to help create our wonderful website..Mrs. Perry
  • Grandparents who share their special gift…Papa Jim singing Rodeo songs with the Stars
  • Parents who provide special birthday snacks and treat, those who help with parties and events, those parents who say YES when we ask for help or need supplies for our classrooms and all the parents who commit to bringing their children to school every day

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