What makes a great preschool teacher?

CrayonKids10Through the years, you hope your children will have many wonderful teachers.  That special person who takes the extra time to get to know your child, the one who spends extra time helping them to understand a difficult concept, the one who makes them laugh and brings new life into their curriculum.  If your child is lucky, they will have many such teachers throughout their school years, and their first school experience will be a positive one.

Our children at St. Paul’s Preschool are blessed to begin their learning adventure by discovering and learning with amazing Owl10teachers.  What makes a great preschool teacher? Obviously, a teacher who knows her craft and is always learning and growing to be able to provide the most stimulating learning environment possible.  How fortunate I am to work with a group of teachers who are relevant and exciting educators, but also women who show their love, dedication and teamwork every day!  They continually support each other to provide a wonderful learning experience. The ability to teach can be taught and is very important, however, the love for these children and for the wonderful world of preschool must be a gift that is in their heart.

I want to take the time to say thank you for all you do to make my life and the lives of these precious little ones so much better.  Thank you…..Mrs. Ricardi, Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. Monier, Mrs. Hicks, Mrs. Hoffman, Mrs. Weber, Mrs. Thompson and Mrs. Stair.  You are all the best!!!! Mrs. Van Wormer

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