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Did you receive your welcome letter?

Welcome letters were mailed on August 1!  Let us know, by calling 260-1350, if you have not received your letter.  We can’t wait to see everyone on Monday, August 10 from 6 until 7 pm for Meet Your Teacher Night. Parents – Don’t forget to visit the finance table to pay tuition and fees, purchase t-shirts and sign up for Whiz Kids. Payment can be in the form of cash or check.
We are excited for another fantastic year at St. Paul’s Preschool and are excited to see all of our preschool friends.  If for some reason, your situation has changed and your child is unable to attend school year, please let us know as we currently have a waiting list. IMG_2528IMG_2528

New Enrichment Program….Whiz Kids

Wednesday Whiz Kids…a brand new enrichment program for the 2015/16 school year. Contact the Director to sign up, or sign up at Meet Your Teacher Night.

Put the IPad down and get unplugged!

Through the Whiz Kids Enrichment Program, children will have the opportunity to discover their ever changing and growing world. Through movement, games and teacher engaged activities, participants will take a creative and fun approach to increase their math and science awareness. The goal is to hear the kiddos say, “WOW! I didn’t know math and science was so much fun!”IMG_0298

WEDNESDAYS: 12:00– 1:30 pm

  • First Session: September through December                                                  Sept – 9, 16, 23, 30  Oct -7, 21, 28 Nov – 4, 18, 25 Dec – 2, 9
  • Additional cost will apply. 
  • Space will be limited to 14 children.
  • Advance registration required.
  • First come, first served.
  • Children bring their own lunch. 

Happy 4th of July…..Time to update records

Happy 4th of July!

To all of our families:  We are working on getting materials ready for next school year.  If you have already fireworks016_slideregistered, please remember to let the Director know of any changes in attendance for next year or if your address or phone number has changed since registration.

Hard to believe school is just around the corner.  We have just a few spots remaining if you know anyone who is interested.  Don’t hesitate…call today.  Spaces are quickly filling up!

Best Wishes Pastor Janessa

IMAG0183 IMAG0190 IMAG0192 IMAG0194 IMAG0196We have been so blessed by Pastor Janessa and the time she has shared with our preschoolers.  Today she shared the story “Wonderfully Made”, by Joyce Meyer.  The children enjoyed hearing how Hayley the Hippo discovered that “God gives us all unique gifts. We just have to discover what they are.”  Today the children presented Pastor Janessa with several bouquets of flowers as we thanked her and wished her well as she leaves Tucson to become the lead pastor of a Phoenix church.

Should you send a 3 year old to preschool?

Setting the butterfly free

Setting the butterfly free

Some parents choose to wait until a child is ready for a pre-k (4/5 year old) class before sending them to a preschool program.  Once enrolled, they find the pre-k program to be a wonderful experience for their child, and we often hear…”I love St. Paul’s and wish I had enrolled my child when they were three to get the full benefit of both years.”  The 3 year old program and pre-k program are quite different.  In our three year old class, the emphasize is on social growth,

Things that roll!!

Things that roll!!

a vital building tool for future educational success.  Many young children know their colors, some letters and numbers, but struggle in a social environment.  Our three year old teachers have many years of experience working directly with this young age group. Many times, preschool is a child’s first experience in a structured setting with teachers and a group of children. It’s an opportunity to learn to share, follow instructions, and begin the foundation for learning success.  Our program offers the benefit of essential playtime and also beginning the first step in pre-math and pre-literacy development. 

Learning about germs

Learning about germs

In preschool, a 3 year old learns to feel cared for and secure with a teacher and builds trust with adults outside of their family. A quality structured environment encourages social interaction and children are shown how to handle conflict with others.   A 3 year old at preschool will learn to make choices, learn to take care of themselves and others, and strengthen cognitive skills by engaging in hands-on activities that challenge them to observe, ask questions and solve problems.  So, the answer is yes. Most 3 year olds will benefit greatly from preschool.  Check out our amazing 3 year old program and see how much fun they are having.

Creativity at work

Creativity at work


Things that fly

Things that fly

Enjoying a special visitor

Enjoying a special visitor

Snacktime fresh from the garden

Snacktime fresh from the garden

Shaving cream fun

Shaving cream fun

Imaginative play

Imaginative play

Pajama & Hibernation day

Pajama & Hibernation day

Finding the treasure

Finding the treasure

Happy Easter

IMAG0094 - Copy IMAG0096 - Copy IMAG0098 - Copy IMAG0100 - Copy IMAG0109 IMAG0111 IMAG0112 IMAG0117 IMAG0119 The children were surprised on Thursday with a visit from Chai. Chai is an adorable lionhead bunny and one of the family pets of Mrs. Hicks and her daughter. The children were very excited to have Chai join their Easter celebration.  Wishing all our preschool families a wonderful, blessed Easter.  IMAG0130

Explore the world…read a book

As a parent, you have the power to boost your children’s learning potential simply by making books

After losing her bonnet, the policeman offers Madame Chapeau his hat.

After losing her bonnet, the policeman offers Madame Chapeau his hat.

an integral part of their lives.  Children who are read to are more likely to do well in all facets of education. 


The baker offers his hat

St. Paul’s Preschool values the gift of reading and we make sure it is included in each preschool day. 


All the people in Paris offer their hats

The magic of a book is the focus of our Pre-K Monday Soaring class.  The children experience all aspects of a story. 

madame chapeau

Madame Chapeau is sad because none of the hats is quite right.

Today in Soaring, Mrs. Thompson and Mrs. Hoffsmith shared the book, Happy Birthday Madame Chapeau. The children embraced the story and showed their acting skills.


All is well as Madame Chapeau is given a hat, knitted with love. The perfect hat.

Happy Birthday Madame Chapeau

by Andrea Beaty
illustrated by David Roberts

Our amazing lead actress!

This is the tale of a lonely hat maker who matches customers to the perfect hat but lacks her own perfect match in life. Once a year, on her birthday, Madame Chapeau ventures out in her favorite bonnet to dinner. This time, a crow snatches her hat and flies away. Mon dieu! As she chases the crow through the streets of Paris, a baker, a policeman, a cowboy, and others offer her their own hats to wear. None of them are quite right, though, until one special little girl offers her a hat “knitted with love and [her] best birthday wish.”

A delightful and very stylish story about love, community, and friendship, with some fancy hats thrown in for good measure.

Dry Ice Discovery Pictures

2015-01-08 13.14.35

Dry Ice fun Mrs. Van Wormer

To a young child, every day can be a discovery of something new.  Preschoolers love to  explore the world around them.  Simple science activities help young children enhance this natural curiosity.

Science exploration in the classroom provides young children the opportunity to…

  • Build self-confidence
  • Engage in “hands on” experiences
  • Increase observation skills
  • Receive opportunities to use tools, equipment and familiar materials
  • Problem solve
  • Develop sensory, physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and social attributes
  • Develop language through increased vocabulary as they ask and answer questions
  • Just have fun

Making bubbles with dry ice

Science activities are incorporated into many of the learning themes throughout our preschool program.  A small sampling includes mixing colors, making slime, learning the difference between salt and fresh water and its effect on floating, erupting volcanoes and discovering the wonder of dry ice.







St. Paul’s United Methodist Preschool Fall Calendar

Just a reminder of important fall dates at St. Paul’s.


DSC_0010_2 Wednesday & Thursday, October 8 & 9 Sign up for our next Stay & Play.  Due to our fall break, this sign up will be for the Tuesday after break, October 21.

Thursday, October 9 Orders for our fall fundraiser, Original Artwork, will be due.  Should you require some additional time to order, or wish to submit artwork for one of your preschooler’s siblings, please talk to the Director. Color sample of artwork can be found on each classroom’s window.

Next week, October 13 – 17 we will have our Fall break.  Take the time to enjoy some special fall activities with your little ones.006

Get ready to smile.  Picture day will be Wednesday, October 22.  We will take individual as well as class pictures.

Join us at the church, in costume, Sunday evening from 4 pm until 7 pm, October 26, for Halloween Daze.  Enjoy trick or treating, games and food inside the Life Center and Trunk or Treat in the church parking lot. You will also see the preschool pumpkin patch wall.

The children will enjoy Fall Festival activities during the school day on October 30.  No costumes for this day as the children enjoy fall food and games.


DSC_0060No school on November 11 as we all honor the vets for Veteran’s Day.

The children will enjoy our Thanksgiving Feast on November 26 during school hours, as we celebrate Thanksgiving and enjoy our last day of school for November.


How will our garden grow?

IMG_1105We are blessed to be able to share the joy of gardening with our preschoolers, thanks to the lovely garden that was built by one of our dads, Mike Van Fleet.  In addition to providing the children with a wonderful sensory experience, gardening offers another hands-on opportunity to explore science, math, language and visual arts.

In addition to playing (planting) in the dirt, the children learn patience as they wait for their vegetables to grow, responsibility as they see how necessary their care is to the garden and IMG_1103teamwork as they learn to share the garden with their classmates.  Gardening helps our little ones learn where food comes from and are fascinated in seeing the vegetables pulled from the ground.  Young children are usually willing to eat the veggies because they helped to grow them.

We would like to give special thanks to the Denton, Schmitz, Wicke, Kaufman, Paugh, Bissmeyer, Haggerty, Burt, Fletcher and Van Fleet families for their generous donations to our garden.  We would also like to thank our gardener extraordinaire, Mrs. Hendrickson, who is helping to ensure that our garden will indeed grow!

Excited to see our peas sprouting after only one week!

Excited to see our peas sprouting after only one week!